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Single Magicians – Here is the ticket to getting hitched!  With the magicians hands empty, he forms a heart shape with the finger of two hands. All of a sudden from nowhere, a sponge heart magically appears! The magician and a spectator each take a heart and suddenly, in front of the spectator, the magicians sponge heart vanishes and joins the heart in the spectators hand! Okay I know what you single magicians are thinking!

The magic of love is alive and well! This is an excellent effect for many different themes, such as the one above. You can’t imagine a more romantic way to send a message to your significant other then this. But it’s equally as good at weddings and anniversaries. Even better it is easy to carry, simple to perform and fun.

An excellent effect for couples, from dinner dates to wedding receptions to anniversaries. The routine plays well for families and children

  • Easy to carry.
  • Simple to perform.
  • Sponge Hearts

Dan Garrett’s Heartz Is a Keeper

Mr. Garrett’s Heartz is one of those very few tricks worthy of our attention and funds. Here is what the audience sees. We know this to be true because we sat in the audience during Mr. Garrett’s lecture last week when he performed. The magician’s hands are empty. He or she brings them together to form a heart shape. The hands are still empty. Slowly, the hands are rotated and a bright red sponge heart magically appears.

Let us review.

Hands are empty. Hands are brought together to form the shape of a heart and can still be seen to be empty. The hands turn slightly and a red heart appears between the fingers. We were fooled and we watched Mr. Garrett carefully – we were getting wise to his tricky ways by that point in the lecture – and were amazed when the red heart appeared. He held a red pen behind the sponge heart to resemble Cupid’s arrow. In one fluid movement, the heart was split into two separate hearts; setting up a nice sponge ball routine with love as its theme. Mr. Garrett has the sponge hearts made by the experts at Goshman. They are super soft but resilient so they are easily manipulated and handled. The method for production is straight-forward and within the reach of even novice magicians so your focus can be on the presentation.

As always, Mr. Garrett’s instructions are top-notch and include additional suggestions for your routine. We loved the trick and its natural flow from empty hands to two hearts appearing in your spectator’s hand. It will be a piece your audience will remember. Heartz is a commercial effect with real magic and a great story. It will not end up in your junk drawer. Rather, we predict it will receive a special place in your routine.

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