Heckler by Brian Tudor – DVD – Estate


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As a performer, there is nothing better than turning the whole room against a Heckler. It is crucial to force the Heckler off balance as early as possible, so that he is always one step behind every move, and is constantly playing catch-up. When all the sleights are solid, and the moves hit hard and are thrown out quickly like a precision boxing combination, it is impossible for anyone, let alone some sorry Heckler, to get a piece of you. You are playing a game of catch me if you can, and he can’t.


Deck Production
Card Switch
Wrong Answer
Card Under Drink
Tudor’s Card Through Glass
Terry LaGerould’s Card Through Table
Deck Through Table
Tudor’s Kick-Out
Card to Shirt Pocket
Card to Zipper Pocket
Card to Right Pants Pocket 2x
Card to Left Pants Pocket
Terry LaGerould’s Card to Back Pocket
Deck Vanish
Card to Matchbox

Warning: This DVD contains profanity. As such it is not appropriate for all audiences.

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