Henry “Box” Brown’s Legacy – and my LIFE with him – Rory D. Rennick

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This Book is ONLY available directly from Rory: Rory Rennick is well known in the art of magic and anyone who knows him knows of his passion.  I first met Rory probably 30 years ago in Columbus, at a Magi-Fest and over the years developed a friendship and mutual admiration.   This book highlights Rory’s signature contribution that was cultivated over years of introspective.  It’s an exceptionally moving and powerful journey that pays respects to Henry Box Brown, who like Rory had a passion for the arts but was born into a time when the odds of bringing it to fruition not only were infinitesimal but dangerous.  It is an important read for all magicians, and it dissect North American history and pulls no punches in the process.

This book is a limited commemorative edition.  It has a beautiful matte finish dust-jacket and a case laminate cover for the 280-page (including endnotes and 12 pages of colored images) biography. This ground-breaking work will be autographed and numbered.   Our copy will remain in our personal book collection as I hope it will in yours if you purchase it.

Many have wondered what happened to the iconic escaped slave-turned-magician Henry “Box” Brown following his triumphant arrival in Philadelphia, nailed in a small wooden box.

Rory Rennick chronicles previously unknown facts of the enigmatic Brown in four countries with thoughtful and provocative commentary. Although separated by nearly 150 years- the cultural and mental divide between Rennick and Brown, is often mere inches or minutes. From the various entertainments (including mesmerism and acting), to the six court cases involving Henry, to his passing and the complex discovery and encounter with two of Henry’s descendants, the author invites you to experience a woven legacy of tragedies and triumphs.

Finally, after years of research and writing I am excited to announce that the most anticipated book that intersects:

  • African American abolition history
  • Victorian magic and entertainment
  • Race and genealogy
  • And a personal obsession

Foreword by Michael Vincent

“The rich and important history of African magicians has been buried and lost under the rubble of enslavement, Jim Crow and systemic racism. Over the past 15 years Rory took on the role of a historical literary archeologist and dug deep beneath the surface to unearth the remarkable journey of Henry “Box” Brown, from being enslaved to a world-renowned activist and magician.”                Ran Shine  *Creator and Founder of the Heart & Soul of Magic

“The author has immersed himself into a story that links the past with the present. I invite you to take a walk inside the soul of Henry “Box” Brown, and once you return, take a look back and see whose soul you really examined. You will see the soul of author Rory Rennick and perhaps your own.”  –  Kenrick “Ice” McDonald   *Hall of Fame Master Magician*

“Bravo to Rory Rennick for delivering such a wonderfully nuanced history of America’s most iconic black magician, Henry Brown. He regales us with parts of Brown’s journey, never told before, with great emotion and frankness. Rennick also thoughtfully wades into the controversial waters of racism throughout Brown’s life. This book also becomes a memoir of the author’s path in a quest for Brown’s identity. A must-read for everyone.” –  Lee Asher  *Magician and President of 52 Plus Joker

“I am very grateful and happy that you have found my great-great grandfather and my family. He is an intriguing figure.” – Kelly St. Clair  *Great-great-granddaughter of Henry “Box” Brown

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