Herrmann The Magician (Book)


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By H. J. Burlingame. With all the books that have been published on the major magicians, it is amazing that the only history of perhaps the most famous magician of the 19th Century was written 110 years ago, just a year after Alexander Herrmann’s death. It has been out of print for nearly a century. This book by H. J. Burlingame, author of several important books on conjuring, also contains, as an introduction, “Psychology Of The Art Of Conjuring,” a seminal essay on the subject by Dr. Max Dessior, the great pioneer psychologist. Herrmann The Magician contains the biographies of the Herrmann family, including Carl (Compars) and, of course, Alexander. Explanations of 50 of Alexander Herrmann’s most famous tricks and illusions are also given, along with a copy of the last program of Herrmann The Great at the Columbia Theatre, Chicago, for the week beginning January 15, 1896. This 300-page, illustrated facsimile edition is limited to just 400 copies, and is enhanced with a new introduction by Barrie Richardson.

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