High Impact Coin Magic – (DVD) Tim David

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Tim David has not only found the perfect balance of highly powerful and insanely practical
magic – he’s packaged it and made it available to magicians worldwide on this new DVD.

1, 2, or 3 ungimmicked coins is all you need. Carry them or borrow them, and you’re
ready to go with 10 high-impact routines.

One Ring to Fool Them All – A clinic on magical thinking that’s full of originality
and practical, applied theory. Highly visual and commercial – You’ll definitely use
this one!

Operation Money-Suck – A two-phase, test-conditions, coin-to-pocket routine that’s
high on wow-power and extremely fun to perform. The marked coin finale is stunning.

The Nasty – A “slick-as-snot” vanish and reproduction of a borrowed coin. No gaffs.

Unmake – An unreal complete coin vanish. If real magic=100, then Unmake=99. (This
trick sells separately for $14.97)

Symbiotic – A slo-motion, marked coin-to-sugar-packet effect that you can close
with. (This also sells separately for $14.95.)

Across The Universe – A coins across with universal appeal. Oh, and a kickass ending.

2 Hands 1 Coin – An insanely visual 1-coin routine that gives the audience no chance.

Catabolic – An impromptu coin through hand that’s just SICK.

Quarter Back – One coin. Borrowed. It completely disappears. Your hands are shown
clearly empty, front and back (they are). Then the coin just snaps back into

Bonus Downloadable Effect: Ethos/Pathos – An insanely visual spellbound routine with
a street magic vibe. Six phases that build. Full of sweet moves and crazy changes.

SPECIAL BONUS: Important session where Tim openly discusses magic philosophy and
theory. This alone is worth twice the price of the DVD. No exaggeration or hyperbole
necessary. This 10-minute lesson will flat-out change your magic and give new life
to your performances.

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