Himber Ring – Dick Steiner – Estate (Plus FREE Trifecta Book)


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Richard Himber – it’s impossible to dispute his incredible contributions to the art of magic.  The man was a virtuoso with mastery and contributions in all theaters of magic – close-up, parlor and stage!  While Himber Rings are easily available  – high quality one’s are not!   They sell for a premium because they are worth it.  The history of this particualar Himber Ring is interesting beacuse it was orginally sold by Stevens Magic most likely in the late 1990’s to well respected mentalist Dick Steiner (author of one of the top selling books in 2020 – Trifecta – Mentalism, Magic and Marketing – Dick Stiener).

Richard Himber Magicians and Musician

In fact, because it’s original owner was Dick we are throwing in one of his books for FREE, with the purchase of this high quality professional Himber Ring.  While it really shouldn’t have any significance, the ring size is 10 (US size). It weighs in at a solid 2 ounces.  While it is not gold or a precious medal it is a heavy and solid medal.  Truthfully even though you can clearly see the letters V. W. inscribled on the inside diameter of the ring, neither Joe nor myself remember who the maker was. If any of you can refresh our memory as to who the maker of this ring was – please do so!   What we are confident is that it’s a damn good quality Himber ring.

  • Condition: Very Good.  It has been used obviously if Dick was the only previous owner.  Dick used this ring to slay audiences for years.
  • Working:  As good as new.  The gimmick is “tight” and “strong” and by nature of it’s design – it is hidden very effectively.
  • Ring Size:  US 10
  • Weight: 2 oz

Dick’s wish is that it goes to someone who will put it to the same use that he did for many years…  As this is an estate item no coupons or store credit is applicable.


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