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Richard Himber’s contribution to the art as a visionary is set in stone.  Products from his line, or his famous book – that was so coveted in fact, it was counterfeited remain equally solid in maintaining and appraising in their value. The original Himber Upside Down Pail was  manufactured and sold by Danny Dew.

We have been able to work with a craftsman to reproduce this timeless classic in limited availability. Watch Richard Himber himself performing the trick on The Don Alan Magic Ranch TV Show (in black & white) by clicking the link below:

Richard Himber’s contribution to the art as a visionary is set in stone. Products from his line, or his famous book—that was so coveted in fact, it was counterfeited. Perhaps the Himber Upside Down Pail originally manufactured and sold by Danny Dew was considered his greatest visual effect.  Original units sell for $3,000— if you can find one.

This scare effect, to our knowledge, has not been available to the magic community—except for the few originals. Incredible visual magic stands the test of time. For those of you looking for something truly unique this fits that difficult criteria as an impossible double-vanish effect.

The video shows milk being poured into the pail. The performer displays a pail that is shown to be empty, and to the left of him sits a pitcher of milk. He holds the bucket by the handle and points to a clear filled milk pitcher. The performer picks up the pitcher full of milk and starts to pour it into the bucket. He almost pours all the milk from the pitcher but stops shy. Appearing confused he sets the pitcher down and realizes he forget to attach the circular metal bottom of the pitcher—and proves it by pushing his entire arm through the bucket so his fingers can be seen. But wait! How is that possible when everyone viewed milk being poured into it and NOTHING spilled out of the bottomless pail? From here it gets better—the magician produces the round circular disc bottom from a table where it was sitting all along. He attaches it firmly to the bottom of the bucket and then starts to pour the remaining milk from the pitcher in the bottom of the pitcher. Bemused the audience wonders what is going on now? At which point the magician simply turns the bucket right-side up and grabs it by its handle—all the while NO MILK spills from the bottom of the bucket. That’s TWICE the milk has completely vanished!

Comes complete with everything you need to do this effect, even the Milk Pitcher! Limited number available. Himber Pail is 8.5 inches tall and 8 inches in diameter at the top. Limited Availability.



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