Hindu Cups and Ball Set with Wand


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This is by far one of the most beautiful hand-turned Hindu Cup sets you will ever own. Delicately hand- turned by the craftsmen at the CW workshop, these incredible cups will bring joy just by merely handling them, let alone performing with them!

Never before have such exquisite tools been available to the professional performer. Each cup is hand polished and each cup is hand matched for beauty as well as function. You will cause knit balls to vanish, appear and multiply. They will travel invisibly through the air from your hand to any cup called for by a spectator. Miracles will abound as you perform with these wonderful cups fit for a performance at the Laxmi Vilas Palace in front of the Maharajah himself.

You receive:

  • Three wooded hand-turned cups
  • Set of knit balls (4 )
  • Hand-crafted matching mahogany wand
  • Jadu bag (which acts as your ‘hidden assistant’ which will allow you to perform as the Hindu’s do; bag also acts as storage for your set) and complete instructions.
  • Each cup is turned from select Asian mahogany. Limited production so order now to avoid disappointment. Guaranteed satisfaction by Collectors’ Workshop. Note: Each set is signed and dated.

Each cup measures: 2.91″ (73.88mm) wide x 2.54″ (64.48mm) high.

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