Hofzinser – Transparent Card (Gary Plants)


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Stevens Magic sold a Jumbo Version of this from Terry Herbert years ago and we are pleased to offer it this unique application in standard Bicycle poker.

This is a red-backed bicycle poker card that when held up to a light source (face down position) one can see what appears to be the markings of the card (as a result of the bright light illumination).  In this case you see the 10 of Clubs THROUGH the back of the card.

However, when the card is turned over, it has somehow magicially morphed from a black 10 of Clubs to a Red Ace!  This makes for a powerful visual with excellent attention to contrast!

NOTE: The image used to illustrate this effect is for conceptual purposes only. The actual card that will show up via the illumination will be the 10 of Clubs (not the Ace of Clubs, as shown in the image).

“If you are intrigued by gaffed cards, here is on you’ll love to own. If you are looking to perform a devilishly clever card transposition, using this card will make you look like you are incredibly gifted at sleight of hand or can really perform magic.”  – Danny Orleans


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