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We found a limited numnber of these beauties in the catacombs of Stevens Magic Emporium. These were made by Magic Concepts. These certaintly are not available anymore and best guess is they are circa 1980’s. Yet they are unqique and beautiful for sure. We have a limited number the set includes the four Chinese Gold Coins along with an high quality long lipped expanded shell.

Comes with original instructions.  These are perfect for performing:

  • Shawdow Coins by Michael Ammar
  • Matrix by Al Schneider
  • Misty Like A Dream by Gary Kurtz
  • A Familiar Ring by Paul Gertner

If not a simple visit from any one of many coin books such as JB Bobo will provide all the information needed. If you like unusual things that are unique this one has been stored here at Stevens Magic Emporium like a fine wine for about 40 years! When they are gone – they are gone!

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