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The Famous Hook Coin! An oldie from the past is still golden! Easy to carry! Easy to perform! A simple half dollar vanishes & reappears, in many different ways and ends up on the spectator’s jacket/sweater! You don’t have to be a coin worker to enjoy and perform with the Hook Coin. It does the work for you. You are always ready to perform with the Hook Coin. The Hook Coin is like no other coin effect on the market. It is not a folding half! It is not a magnetic coin! It is not two-sided. It doesn’t use a pull. Some of you reading this ad copy may have never seen a Hook Coin as it hasn’t been talked about too much in recent years. I can assure you that with the Hook Coin you can do miracles for close-up or impromptu magic at an instant anywhere! Comes complete with the instruction book and coin.

No one does the Hook Coin better than Bill Spooner! His routine is beautiful as he is a master with the Hook Coin!

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