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Horace Bennett’s Prize Winning Magic is difficult to find, but it’s packed with classic routines, clever handling, and amazingly routined presentations. You’ll learn some prize-winning effects, including those with silks, linking rings and billiard balls.
Included are:

7 Bennett’s Silken Sorcery Routine: cigarettes and silks
8 Properties and Preparation
14 The Get Ready
16 Performance
26 Additional Thoughts on the Silk Production Routine
27 Producing the First Silk
29 Performance

31 Pefected Silk Production: silk production from none to six, with large Butterfly silk climax
32 Preparation
33 Performance

35 Take Five: linking rings with Five rings (Key, 2 Singles, Chain of 2)
35 Performance
36 The Count, Showing the Rings Separate
37 Linking Two Rings Together (Edward Victor and Bennett)
38 Linking Moves With the Key and Singles
42 Jay Marshall’s Sucker Move
43 Unlinking the Chain of Two (Bennett, Dowd)
45 Tommy Dowd’s Spin Unlink
47 Chain of Three & Eugene Laurant’s Removing the Centre Ring
48 Jack Miller’s Version of the Herman L. Weber Ring Move
49 Count
50 Jack Miller’s Pushing the Rings Through the Arm
50 Jack Miller’s Causing the Rings to Jump From Arm to the Other Arm
54 Jack Miller’s Ring Monte
56 Chain of Four
57 Chain of Five
58 Fini
59 Alternate Switch for Exchanging the Chain of Two For the Linked Single and Key
61 Bibliography
61 Rink’s Moves With Two Single Rings and a Key Ring

66 Eight Ball Routine: production of 8 billiard balls, one at a time
66 Needed: 8 balls and shell, cloth ball holders, wear a jacket
67 Thoughts on Performing
67 Performance
67 – Producing the First Ball
68 – The Penetration of the Silk Handkerchief
69 – Producing Ball No. 2
72 – Production of Ball No. 3
72 – Production of Ball No. 4
73 – Vanish and Production of Ball No. 4
74 – Production of Ball No. 5
74 – Production of Ball No. 6
76 – Vanish and ReProduction of Ball No. 6
76 – Production of Ball No. 7
78 – Swallowing and Reproducing Ball No. 7
78 – Production of Ball No. 8
80 Bibliography
82 Ad: Al Koran’s Professional Presentations
83 Ad: The Art of Close Up Magic by Lewis Ganson

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