Horace Marshall’s Blooming Orange Tree

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A collectible from the past! Approximately, in the 1950’s, Horace Marshall was the king of feather flowers for most all of the professional magicians in that era! Not only did he specialize in feather bouquets, but also feather effects. His quality of goods surpassed anyone who made feather magic in those days.

He also made several of his “Blooming Orange Trees”, a replica of Robert Houdin. Joe was able to procure one in the 1960’s. (We do not know how many he made) but the photo shows an original made by Horace that now sits in Joe’s collection in the “crypt” here.

You know the effect; Magician shows a bush with white flowers and plucks them off one at a time. At his command, the bush-tree blooms real oranges that can be plucked off and passed out to the audience.

A real collectors item and you must know how hard it is today to find any type of an Blooming Orange Tree. Here is a collectible that is very hard to find and in good working order.

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Weight 50 lbs

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