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This is the RED Version.

We at Stevens Magic were so excited that Brian allowed us to feature exclusively his Hotrods, because we got SO many requests for them from our esteemed customers world-wide.  Many of which have already purchased his bewitching sticks or mental logs!  We fully endorse Brian’s quality and incredible attention to quality customer service.

Hot Rod - Brian WatsonExquisite Fine English Pewter & Swarovski Hotrod – Brian Watson, is the latest evolution from Brian Watson’s successful fine English pewter collection. Brian’s formula is simple – honoring time-honed technique and tradition where each rod is hand-crafted, finished, detailed and complete with a hand-made genuine leather wallet. In case you missed it – the key words are – “hand-made.” Brian is a fan of the ancient artisans and is a big believer that product is more than just the sum of its materials. As a traditionalist, he doesn’t discard the human factor involved in manufacturing and given the choice  – always prefers owning products that have been labored by human hands. When you purchase these exquisite Hotrods, you are doing more than getting an incredible quality product, you are casting your vote towards similar beliefs that a magic prop should be special in many ways. Adorned with beautiful inlay on the sides and ends, etched in black and featuring Swarovski crystals on the top, this is surely the finest, most beautiful and sought after Hotrod in the world!

Magician Brian Watson Picture by David Moss

Magician Brian Watson Picture by David Moss

At approx. 1.2 ounces, these Hotrods have the weight and feel of security. For those of you that have worked with Hotrods that are too light, you know they are awkward, you won’t find that here, just like a favorite glove, the feel is “just right!” Excellent work Brian.

Red – This SKU is Red – see bottom of this page for other links for other colors.

Important Note: Photo shows two rods so you can see the Swarovski crystals on the top and custom engraving style on the sides, but this product comes with only one rod per product.

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