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Circular Colors Featured On Pen Are Crisp, Defined and Clear.  Photo slightly distorts this due to curve of pen but rest assured they are EXACT & PERCISE! 

You have a smart phone right?  A device that multi-tasks and provides different functions… You thought you were “all that” when you got that smart phone, but come to find out – smart phones are ‘so’ passe!  If you really want to be in the ‘in’ crowd you have to have the HotRod Pen.  Another device that does more then just allow you to sign autographs for your loyal fans.  This is the quintessential  example of magic to go – or magic “on the go!”  One of the classic of close-up magic is the hotrod.  For those that think it’s old hat – you’re “oh so wrong.” This effect still provides as much wow and amazement as it ever did.  Wait – are you stating you don’t already have one of these HotRod Pens?  Get on the BUS man, get with it!

Perfect Way To Hand The Pen Out After Performance:

With the alternative ending where you compliment the individual for choosing the color blue, (or red depending on which one you get) after show this color on both sides – you state that while it is beautiful, if you don’t mind I’d like to change the colors back to the multi rainbow and upon doing just that – state – “but don’t worry – I left  the other side all blue (or red depending on which one you get) jsut for you! At this point you can hand the pen out and your clean.

Review: This pen is high qualty. Solid and stable featuring brilliant colors and tight fiting lid.  And YES, it does actually write too!   Available in TWO colors – Red and Blue – if your smart you’ll get TWO!   This SKU features the BLUE finale. 

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