Hung Too Restoration – Louie Gaynor


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A Golden Oldie brought back again by Stevens Magic and Shawn Reida! A mystery from the past and a fabulous “cut & restored” ribbon miracle! Can be performed close-up, parlor and stage! Beautifully crafted by our master craftsman—Louie Gaynor.

Ribbons are seen threaded through two colorful wooden blocks, and the ends are held by two spectators standing next to the performer. The blocks are slid back and forth across the two ribbons showing two continuous ribbons. They are then placed side by side and then slightly parted and the ribbons showing are CUT in half between the two blocks! The blocks are placed together, and the spectators are asked to release the end of one of their ribbons. As the performer steps forward, the ribbons are pulled from the blocks and fully restored! A miracle!

  • Easy to do!
  • No sleights necessary!
  • An impossible effect!

There was a version offered by National Magic Company years ago, but its roots date back to England.

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