Hypnotic Wizardry – Richard Nongard & Jeff Mc Bride (DVD)


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This is it!… “Complete access to the intersection of Magic and Hypnosis with Jeff McBride and Dr. Richard Nongard” Can you imagine a better combination of two experts in their fields coming together to share their secrets?

Without a doubt, Jeff McBride and Richard Nongard are sages in the craft of magic, hypnosis and performance. As a teaching team, they are bringing you a perspective on entertainment honed from the stages of Las Vegas and venues from around the world.

Hypnotic Wizardry - Jeff McBride

Do you want to create more powerful presentations, activate your own potential and entertain in a way that stands out from the crowd of other entertainers? Then Hypnotic Wizardry is your starting point for success. Now you can own this two DVD set featuring two hours of solid content! Every performer worth their salt knows that execution of an effect is just “one” part of creating a stage presence! It’s the process of creating that energy buy implementation of other ingredients (music, style and in this case hypnotic energy) that will separate you from the masses!

This 2 Vol. DVD Set covers – Hypnotic Induction, The Lemon Drop Convincer, The Georgia Magnet Act and presenting the Chair Suspension as Hypnotic Catalepsy.

Dr. Richard K. Nongard is among the most qualified professionals in the Southwest, and has authored many books, videos and professional educational materials, including hypnosis textbooks. He is a magician, one of Eugene Burger’s earliest students in the 1980’s and has preformed stage hypnosis in a variety of venues including Las Vegas Casinos. Dr. Nongard has a master’s degree in counseling and has completed his doctorate in transformational leadership with a concentration in cultural transformation through Bakke Graduate University. He is an adjunct professor at City Vision University where he teaches counseling.

Jeff McBride, three time award winner at the International Grand Prix of Magic in Monte Carlo, is widely recognized as a foremost innovator and most exciting performer in contemporary magic. Naming him “Vegas’ Best” Magician several years ago, the Las Vegas Review Journal wrote: “Light years ahead of the pack… McBride is easily the most exciting and mesmerizing magician I’ve seen in years.” For several years, McBride headlined at Caesars Magical Empire in Las Vegas, where he was voted critics’ choice as Best Magician in Las Vegas. He is also a three-time Guiness World Record holder.

In addition to the four sub-catagories below which are featured in depth:

  1. Hypnotic Candy
  2. Georgia Magnet Act
  3. Elements of Induction,

There is much more including insights and details on:

  • Invisible Loops for Hypnotic Response.
  • Predict Change and Numberground for Hypnotic Amnesia.
  • Light and heavy Blocks.
  • Harbin Style Chair Suspension – A solution to the liability of full body catalepsy.
  • Blow Books and Magic Coloring for Hypnotic Hallucination.
  • Full Secrets Revealed and the Inner Working Described.
  • Many other applications, tricks, explanations and methods of psychological performance…
  • 2 Full length DVD’s – almost 2 hours of solid content.
  • PDF Resource List.
  • And guest appearances from Christian Diamond and Randilyn Illusions.

“I was amazed at how comprehensive the training was, and am confident in my new-found skills!” Bill Cook

“Richard and Jeff made the daunting world of hypnotism totally accessible and completely doable. Their class was an exciting game changer for me.”Maurice Lord

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