I.D. Instant Deck by Tomas Medina and Alex Lourido – CL

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Have you ever wanted to produce a deck of cards any time in your act? One moment, your hands are empty. The O! You’re holding a deck of cards. Now you can. The secret device that makes it possible is called The ID Instant Deck.

  • The perfect opening trick.
  • Easy to do.
  • Produce boxed or loose cards.
  • Works with other items too; wallets, phones, GPS systems, and much more.
  • Switch decks undetectable
  • Perform-able close-up or on stage.
  • Does not need to be an opening effect.

Over two years in the making, The ID is a precision device, factory made in the USA. Each one is supplied with DVD instructions featuring creators Tomas Medina and Alex Lourido teaching dozens of tips, handling, and tactics that will make The ID an instant hit in your act.

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