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Product Description

The i-lite Cup 360 2.0 is PERFECT!  Because the illumination can be viewed 360 degrees from the cup!  The entire surface comes alive with vibrant colors and the mechanism is solid-state! 

You catch an empty hand colored lights ( or only a red lights ) and throw them in a glass, fill the glass with lights and then use the tube you can interfere with the lights and drink! After the lights will glow in your mouth!

You can show how with colored lights (you catch different colors at a time) and one red light. This device has four different programs.

We recommend to use of original D’Lite for the red programs.



– You can control the appearance of lights and a drop in the glass.
– You control everything with just one button.
– This i-Lite CUP is compatible with Multiclor TIE.
– Two programs (long and short) with colorful lights and two programs (long and short) with red lights.
– Long Draft program – did you catch more than 20 lights and throw them into the glass.
– Short program – you throw 10 lights.

This set is included:

Special Plastic Drink Cup -1
Special Drinking Straw – 1
USB charger -2
LED LIght Tips – 2
Glow Tooth LED Light ( only multicolor ) – 2

Lighting Ears is not included in set.
i-Lite Garland from the mouth is not included.
Multicolor Tie is not included in this set.

We provide three months warranty Special Plastic Drink Cup and Special Drinking Straw.

IMPORTANT: This item can take approx. 3-4 weeks to ship depending on inventory.  

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