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An eye-catching, exceptionally visual and memorable routine which will adorn any magician’s performance! Even better it’s applicable to many different venues! You MUST watch the video to fully appreciate the power of this product. This incredible product is light-years ahead of anything that has ever come out before. The sequencing is amazing, regards to the variations of possible routines! Simply put – incredible. Remember, this is not just an effect -its a routine!

Trick + Additional Props + Downloading video instruction

“This is a GREAT idea. Congratulations!” Jeff Hobson. Headliner with the largest selling, touring magic show of all time, The Illusionists, with 2 seasons on Broadway.

Effect: The Magician from an empty hand, catches different colored lights from the air, using a product we are well familiar with. From them he tosses them inside the cup and the lights are seen to cascade downward, in a zig-zag style inside the cup, one-by-one! Thus a previously empty hand now produces colored lights (or red lights only) and throws them in the glass, filling the glass to the top with lights! Next the magician introduced a straw into the glass. He mixes the straw inside the glass causing the lights to change positions and color (if desired). What happens next is incredibly as the performer sucks on the straw and the lights are not seen to be transported upward into the straw. Afterward, the lights will glow in your mouth! That’s a perfect grand finale! 

This product features four different programmable options! Both utilizing either RED or multi-colored lights, as desired!

Features two different time allotments.
Short Version: Where you can catch and throw 10 lights. (Red or Colored Lights)
Long Version: Where you can catch and throw more than 20 lights. (Red or Colored Lights)

Each i-lite Cup:

  • i-Lite CUP set includes:
  • 1 x Special Drink Cup (Plastic)
  • 1 x Special Drinking Straw
  • 2 x USB chargers
  • 2 x LED Light Tips
  • 2 x Glow Tooth LED Lights
  • DVD Instructions in MPEG format.

Important Note: Lighting Ears is not included in set.

Warranty: There is a three months warranty only on the Special Drink Cup and Special Drinking Straw.


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