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Further Tools & Performance Pieces
For the Mystery Entertainer

Featuring the following …

  • “On The Square” is a new, previously unpublished technique for constructing magic squares “for real” (i.e., with no gimmicks, cribs, advance preparation, partially-memorized squares, or anything other than the mind of the entertainer). Unlike other methods for magic squares (which have been known to fill books with their complexity), this revolutionary approach requires no memorization of numbers and no difficult arithmetic (if you can divide an even number by two, you can do this). It works for any target integer (including dates, etc.), and produces true magic squares that add to the target total in from 28–36 different ways, with no repeated values (except for target totals less than 34, where it is impossible to avoid such repetition) or numbers that look out of place. Multiple squares can be created with no duplications, even for identical target numbers, making this lifetime skill ideal for all types of performances, including walk-around and trade shows.
  • “The Zenith Stack” finally achieves a goal pursued by mentalism creators for over half a century. Doing for the classic ESP/Zener deck what the DAO Stack perfected for playing cards, it delivers a sequential stack that withstands careful scrutiny, yet uses an all-but-trivial method to determine the following (or preceding) card. In addition to its obvious uses, the stack also incorporates setups for some strong Zener symbol effects.
  • “The Vision” contributes a rarity among mentalism effects, one that personally connects with the participants in a way that seems inexplicable. Able to draw gasps from an audience, it is based on a strong story line, delivers a compelling (and unexpected) climax, and yet depends on clever routining, not complex methodology, permitting the entertainer to focus on presentation, not prestidigitation. A great closing (or encore) effect.
  • “Menologue” is a dramatically simplified, “hands-off” approach to the classic diary effect. In this version, a prediction is written and left in the possession of a trusted audience member (never touched again by the entertainer); two (truly) randomly-chosen values are used to specify a month and a day within that month; when the diary (there is only one, also in the hands of the audience from the beginning) is consulted, the single playing card written at the selected date entry is unequivocally the one stated in the prediction (and the card appears nowhere else in that month).
  • “The Natal Square” brings the best of magic square methodology to the domain of the reader, enabling the construction of squares in which not only the four central numbers comprise the participant’s date of birth, but every other number can also be shown to have a direct and uniquely personal connection with her interests and/or relationships. More than yet another magic square technique, this is a complete reading system that not only enthralls the client but provides the perfect take-home souvenir in the form of a yantra or talisman. (And even those with no interest in readings will discover that this particular methodology allows for a construction — and presentational — approach not possible with other techniques.)
  • Two different Zener symbol effects, one replicating early ESP experiments, the other an unfathomable demonstration of the psychic bond that can exist between two people.
  • You’ll also learn a new marking technique for Bicycle cards that combines ease of application with clarity of reading, and a demonstration of psychic influence (or PK, depending on your presentational preference) that may well astonish you every bit as much as your participants!

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