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Make A Phone Defy Gravity!  Read Paul Romhany’s Vanish Magazine Review BELOW!   FREE with $100 minimum purchase of non-discounted products.  Not available retroactively. Other restrictions may apply.  Only one FREE item per order. You MUST add the FREE product SKU to your cart to qualify.  Not applicable with any other SME Promotion or coupon. 

Mark Elsdon originally created and released iBalance, which allowed you to balance a borrowed cellphone on your fingertips. But that trick became obsolete, as the gimmick doesn’t work with any current cellphone. Therefore, with the cooperation with Mark Elsdon, we have created a brand new version – iLevel Pro.

The brand new iLevel Pro gimmick will work with any smartphone (SMALLER IPADS/TABLETS ALSO WORK). Also, its gimmick is much more invisible. You can even use it to balance other objects, such as power bank, AirPods and so on. We also provide a container to you to carry the gimmick anywhere.

Most importantly, the new gimmick is not like the old one. It’s easily to repair and we give you everything you need, make sure you can use this gimmick for a long time. Get ready to take your phone magic to the next level!


“This looks so fair and genuine! Everyone you encounter has a phone nowadays so this is the perfect trick to always have on you when someone says “Show me a trick?” It’s a must buy!” Angelo Carbone

“Defy gravity at the proverbial drop of a hat! iLevel Pro works with every device. Genius!” – Ben Harris

“iLevel Pro is exactly the kind of effect I like to perform. Visual, mysterious, and super smart. Thanks for updating this beauty. Just a gorgeous piece of wonder!” – Jonathan Friedman

“I love it! iLevel Pro is my new go-to when anybody asks to see me do some magic. It’s so visual and super practical to perform!” Marc Oberon

“iLevel Pro is absolutely amazing! This is magic of the highest order… I’m really proud to perform it too! Highly recommended!”Mickael Chatelain

“A refreshingly visual moment of astonishment with an object so common it would be hard to find a time when you weren’t able to perform it! Why would you NOT want to buy this? It is surely the biggest no-brainer of the year!” – Nicholas Einhorn

“My all time favorite effect with a borrowed phone is back with a vengeance! Mark and Hanson have smashed it. Simply beautiful!” – Roddy McGhie

Vanish Magic Magazine Jan 2022

Review from Paul Romhany – VANISH Magazine:
Anytime you can borrow an object and make it float or suspend it you have an instant winner. Hanson has taken Mark’s original idea and enhanced it so you can now do it with any type of phone. You receive three gimmicks that will enable you to easily choose various phones to do this on. opening this feels like opening an APPLE product as the packaging is so good, and it comes in a hard plastic case so you can carry it with you to gigs without losing or damaging them.

The brand new iLevel Pro gimmick will work with any smartphone. Also, its gimmick is much more invisible. You can even use it to balance other objects, such as power bank, AirPods and so on. You are also supplied with an extra something so you can repair the gimmick if it should break, something you couldn’t do with the original. You will need to do a little one time set up because the gimmick will need to fit your fingers but again, it’s a one time only set up and will only take a minute or two to do. The download tutorial is 30 minutes and goes in to detail on how to get in and out of this.

You will get live performances and an in-depth tutorial by Hanson on his handling. The nice thing about this is you can use any borrowed phone and whenever you want defy gravity and suspend it on a finger. Advanced Version. This is my favorite way to perform this as it uses a Sharpie to balance the phone on. For me this is like the Chair Suspension Illusion but for close-up settings. This works perfectly under any situation
including walk-around and you can do this with people surrounding you. You aren’t limited to just phones, you can suspend iPads and even smaller objects like an AirPod case.

Once you get your gimmick up and running and play with it you will know what you can float and what you can’t. A really great tool that you will want to carry with you at all times and perform an illusion using a borrowed object. It doesn’t get any stronger than this!

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