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The book is now on CD ROM, everything is there in PDF form, just put in your computer and read the book…Stan Kramien, one of the leading illusionists of his time, reveals his secrets of producing, performing and organizing a large successful illusion show. If you perform illusions or want to produce an illusion show, this book will give you lots of information, tips and secrets as to how. No only is Stan on of the premier promoters of booking magic shows, he also knows what it takes to “put it all together.” He gives tips on “how to” routine the illusions and where they should be in your show. He talks about costuming for your illusions. Stan gives patter and routines for performing the many illusions such as: The Zig Zag, Twister, Modern Cabinet, Alice Through The Looking Glass, Costume Trunk, Assistant’s Revenge and many others. Plus tips on working with livestock. Stan’s experience with his illusion shows through the years will help you earn top money as a stage performer.

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