Illusion Works Volumes 1 & 2 (Woodbury) (DVD)


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One of the greatest media products on illusions is now available to you immediately in DVD format. Step into Rand Woodbury’s workshop where he teaches you the secrets of performing, designing and building your own illusions. Four volume series has been collected as a 2 DVD set (each available separately) should be considered an education into the many principles of illusion design. This is one you won’t want to miss. Highly recommended from Stevens Magic.

Volume 1 PART 1 STEPS AND BASES:  Introduction, Working ideas ñ Sources for Plans (Paul Osborneís Illusion systems books recommended), The Tools ñ tools and materials used, The Building Process Begins- Bases (How to), The Building Process Begins- Steps (How to)

Volume 2 PART 2 SPECIAL SECRETS:  Introduction, The Tilted Cage, Geometrically Impossible, The Cat Tower, The Body Transformer, Performance tips (Tips for each of the above illusions).  Rand shows the performance of each of these illusions, explanation of measurements and materials used in construction, and how the illusion works. There are NO plans included. Running Time Approximately 1hr 36min

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