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INCREDIBLE is an understatement!

We strongly urge you to view the complete details and video demo for Specter on our website or online interactive PDF Catalog. Performance will BLOW YOUR MIND!

A pocket size cylinder (illusionarium) is introduced by the performer, the illusionarium is enclosed on all sides except for two exposed holes, one at the top and one at the bottom of the illusionarium, the holes are just large enough to allow for a single digit (finger/thumb) to be pushed through the two holes of the open ended illusionarium.

illusionarium - House of Magic - Buma

The illusionarium is initially shown all around, allowing for the spectators to clearly see through it’s two holes, and into it’s empty interior. The performer now places the illusionarium down over (and on) any of the spectator’s upwards extended index finger’s, allowing it to be is seen to penetrate through one hole and out the other hole of the illusionarium, the spectator’s upwards extended index finger is now seen going completely through the bottom hole of the illusionarium and protruding out the top hole of the illusionarium.

illusionarium - House of Magic - Buma

The performer now removes (lifts upwards and off) the illusionarium from the spectator’s extended index finger and immediately place’s the illusionarium over his/her upwards extended thumb. The performer’s thumb is now seen to penetrate (through one hole and out the other hole of the illusionarium), the performer’s upward extended thumb is clearly seen to be going completely through the bottom hole of the illusionarium and protruding out the top hole of the illusionarium.

The illusionarium is then removed from the performer’s thumb and IMMEDIATELY the spectator is asked to INSERT any of their fingers into and thru any of the two holes of the illusionarium and THEY CAN’T, their finger now being stopped by an unseen yet effective solid barrier! The performer then shakes the illusionarium and a solid rattle is heard coming from within the illusionarium itself, the illusionarium is now opened up to reveal a SOLID CLEAR LUCITE BLOCK occupying the entire interior of the illusionarium, making it virtually impossible for both the audence member and the prformer to have just earlier placed their finger/thumb completely thru the illusionarium (though that’s what they both did and saw happen). The clear lucite block is now dumped into the spectator’s hand and, yes it truly is solid and truly occupied the entire illusionarium interior!


  • No magnets, mirrors, thumb tip or false finger are used.
  • The clear lucite block does not shift position inside the illusionarium nor are there any hidden compartments.
  • The illusionarium can also hold muliple kennedy half dollars or other similar.
  • size coins/objects that will fit within the illusionarium itself to act as a barrier.
  • Easy to perform, simple and straight forward handling.
  • Perform it close up, standing or seated, no table required.
  • Sets up in seconds, fits in your pocket.
  • Ships complete with illusionarium, solid clear block, and full color photo BUMA instructions.

Like ALL Buma’s Products – Totally original in routine presentation and custom crafted gimmick.

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