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DOWNLOAD – BONUS! PLUS TWO additional never released effects from the Berlin Sessions! 


Neal is BACK!  With a new Neal Scryer Effect, published for the first time commercially, originally shared at the Berlin Sessions. This is one of Neal’s favorite effects as he can perform it impromptu anywhere, and at any time.

BASIC EFFECT: Neal asks a volunteer to stand with his feet together and his arms straight out in front with the palms of his hands face up. He asks the person to close his eyes, relax, and imagine that he has two big spheres, one in each hand. These spheres are getting heavier and heavier and are pushing his hands downward. Neal then says to the person that he’s going to ask him to walk toward him, and he won’t be able to do it. After the person discovers that he can’t walk, Neal tells him to open his eyes and lower his arms. He then finds he can move freely.

The secret……

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