Immortality Card by Masahiro Yanagida – Estate

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You have a card selected and signed. Then you tear the card in 3 pieces and restore them one by one until you end up with a complete card again! The card can be handed out immediately for examination and is a great souvenir for your spectators.

We supply the dvd (plays the best on a regular dvd-player we found out) and two ready to use gimmicks. On the dvd Masahiro teaches you how to perform the routine but also how to make new gimmicks yourself which included learning how to split cards.


  • Signed Card
  • Can be handed out
  • Provides 2 Gimmicks to get you started
  • Teaches you how to make the gimmick

You read that right, a signed card is torn, restored and then can be handed out. This is truly an incredible Tear and restore 4 phases is two many 3 is just perfect!!!

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