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Imperial Chop Bowl


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Imperial Chop Bowl is made from a real rice bowl—kiln-fired to bring out the beauty of the Chinese red exterior with the ink black interior. The medallions are treated with a grey paint powder to give a sense of elegance. The bowl is shown empty when, upon lifting the bowl from the table, a small white ball appears. This ball is placed in the performer’s pocket, yet when the bowl is
lifted, the ball is seen to have returned. The ball is now placed on top of the inverted bowl and smacked down. The visible ball vanishes only to be found under the bowl.

There are many routines possible with the Chop Chop principle. Our instructions give you an elegant routine to perform but you are free to change and add to the routine as you see fit.
Our Imperial Chop Bowl set comes with elegant Chop Bowl, Chop Stick, white balls and a final load. Complete with instructions.

Bowl measures: 4.5 inches wide at the mouth x 2.75 inches high.

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