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Trotter Stamp

Impossible Dream – (Vintage Rich Bloch & Joe Porper).  This is one of the original pieces that was crafted by Collector’s Workshop in addition to adding Joe Porper’s Strong Box.  It has been certified as coming from this time-frame by Bill Trotter who has intimate knowledge of the origin of this piece.

    • Mint condition
    • With instructions

Rich Bloch’s IMPOSSIBLE DREAM NEST is a unique close up and parlour, 3 box nested boxes effect with a twist. This set can be loaded in front of the audience. No assistant needed.

Rich has thoroughly tested this effect under extreme test conditions during live shows and it has stood the test. An audience fooler and mystifier.

A borrowed ring (or marked coin) is caused to vanish. A beautiful box is seen resting on the performer’s table. The box is picked up and given a slight shake….. “Something IS inside this chest, but it’s not your ring” chimes the performer. The box is unlocked and yet another box is seen within. This is removed and also unlocked. The box is given a shake…… “There’s still something inside THIS box….. ANOTHER BOX!”.

Finally the third box is opened and tilted forward. A locked metal strong box falls free of the wooden box. This is handed to the spectator to examine. It is completely made of metal and locked. No way in. The performer hands the spectator a set of keys with the command to open the locked strong box. Inside the spectator finds his missing ring!

NOTE: The outer box can be shown all around before opening as can the second box. The loading is done right in front of the spectators and the performer can be surrounded. The metal strong box can be examined as well.

Beautiful construction throughout. Each box is lined with velvet. The strong box is meticulously crafted by master machinist Joe Porper and is also felt lined. The wooden boxes are exquisitely made by the craftsmen at Collectors’ Workshop. The outer box is made from select walnut; the inner box is made from imported Jatoba wood and the strong box is fashioned from solid aluminum. Solid brass hardware. One of the finest nested box sets available to the Magic fraternity.

The outer walnut box measures: 6″ x 5.5″ x 4.75″; Big enough to make an imposing presence on your close-up table, small enough to hold in one hand, yet visible enough for stage work.

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