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To Dream the impossible dream? Okay, maybe this it is… This is the perfect money effect to carry in your pocket. It’s outstanding and we already know everyone loves money. Even better it’s easy to perform and gets a great reaction and is well worth the price. When you consider the price, take into consideration that it takes $9.00 just in bills to create this special effect and it comes completely ready for you to perform. You don’t have to do anything regards to crafting or making the gimmick – what is that worth to you – if you’re like me – a lot. Worse case, if times get really bad you can immediately cash in your magic effect for $9.00 – IMMEDIATELY! How many effects that you have are that liquid!

Effect: A $2.00 bill changes into TWO $1.00 which all changes into a $5.00 bill! All of this happens in a twinkle of the eyes! It happens directly under the noses of the spectators!

  • Natural moves!
  • Nothing suspicious!
  • No difficult sleights!
  • Grabs instant attention!
  • The perfect effect for trade show workers!
  • Carry in your pocket!
  • Comes ready to perform and money effects are most popular.

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