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Copy by Mark Stevens. In my office on a top shelf, rests about 5 Clarence Miller crafted products.  They have been sitting on that shelf for over 22 years.  Most all of these pieces we also featured in our print catalogs over the years at Stevens Magic. I loved all Clarence’s work.  My personal favorite piece which he signed to me was his black-art gambling apparatus titled – “Hard Seven.” Probably the most famous piece Clarence is credited with is his “little box,” which produced a red sponge ball. I remember when Mikame started to mass produce that item Clarence reached out to us.  If you want to see more of Clarence’s unique pieces head over to Andy Martin’s incredible living magic museum or CLICK HERE.

Finger choppers are some of the most memorable pieces of shock magic made.  Most of us remember playing with them in our youth. In fact, it was a well known fact, that magic shop owners that did not stock and sell this classic were denied membership into any reputable magic organization and thus they were regulated to only joining the ‘non-reputable’ organizations.  Or worse, they were remanded to the authority of the highly ethical MDA (Magic Dealers Association), some of the officers of this highly distinguished organization we requested to speak to but at the time of this posting – they had not returned our calls.

Finally the product: First this is a mechanical marvel. It’s design and functionality is almost as interesting as the effect is. What made Clarence’s Finger Chopper so amazing wasn’t just the penetration – it was the killer finale, that the spectators’ finger remained locked inside the solid wood blade yet wasn’t’ harmed.  Brother, as far a finger chopper go – this is a whole new ballgame!  Hence the name — Impossible Penetration — I’m referring to the MAGIC EFFECT here.  “Clarence Miller’s Impossible Penetration” – I mean, is it just me or did I loose most of you with that previous sentence?

In the late 90’s Clarence Miller authorized Viking to produce the Miller Impossible Penetration.

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