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Impromptu by Martin Gardner – Book


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A highly anticipated book is now available featuring one of the most creative minds in the art or magic. We have a limited number of these books available.

  • 864 pages
  • 40-page color section
  • Completely new layout
  • More than 1700 effects and stunts
  • 1200 extra items compiled by Gardner
  • Over 2600 illustrations, including 900 explanatory drawings
  • Gardner’s notes and annotations
  • 40 Gardner letters
  • Early Gardner magic booklets
  • Hundreds of vintage illustrations
  • Interviews with Martin Gardner
  • Essay on the history of impromptu magic
  • Spellbinding cover by the legendary STERANKO
  • New introduction by Gardner
  • Essays by Teller, John Fisher, and Mark Setteducati
  • Categorized and indexed for easy access
  • Printed on luxurious matte-finish acid-free paper
  • Hardbound and Smyth-sewn

“The articles make a fascinating overture…An improvement on Gardner’s original layout…A goldmine….This is a book of ideas, ideas that will inspire…Profusely illustrated….A monster of a book you will turn to repeatedly in the years to come.” – David Britland, Genii

“As with all Miracle Factory publications, Impromptu is a beautiful book, with cover artwork by Steranko and a beautiful layout.” – Will Houstoun, The Magic Circular

“A beautiful monument to the life and magic of Martin Gardner and impromptu magic in general. To me, this is a no-brainer purchase. Highly recommended.” – Magic Magazine

“Martin Gardner’s Impromptu is one of the most beautiful books I have ever encountered.” – Don Albers

“Absolutely gorgeous. Beautifully designed and full of detail.” – Gary Antonick, New York Times

“There will never be a greater book in magic.” – John Fisher

“A really beautiful edition of a book that deserves to be called a classic. So many ideas to challenge and inspire us!” – Eugene Burger

“Martin Gardner was one of magic’s greatest prospectors, and this massive book is filled with treasure. Some of that is buried deep. But even if you opt for a cursory excavation, you’ll come up with a wealth of ideas – literally more than you can imagine.” – Max Maven

“The most amazing book of magic ever. The attention to detail on both the book and the packaging are simply the best. I hope you are busy working on another masterpiece.” – Dexter Cleveland

“I haven’t been able to put it down since I received it. I can’t tell you how many bits of business I’ll be getting out of this book. What a fabulous reference. Thanks, Todd!” – Mike Thornton

“A mind-blowing volume that exceeded my high expectations!” – Michael Mode

“The improved Gardner book is phenomenal, filled with gems that will fool your audiences as well as magicians. I’ll be referencing it often for new ideas and material!” – Jade

“A huge achievement! Like all Miracle Factory releases, the design and presentation is excellent. I look forward to many quality hours reading and learning from this important work.” – David Linsell

“A lifetime of work that will take a lifetime to get through and another lifetime to perform! Amazing!” – Doug Scheer

“It’s a deep dive down the rabbit hole into the magic worlds Gardner composed. This is a fascinating work one can explore for years.” – Arthur Ottney


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