Improved Jumbo Invisible Deck – SME Private Brand – RED


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Forget everything you know about Invisible Decks

The thinking performers Invisible deck! It operates in a novel manner that you will absolutely LOVE! Forget everything you know about Invisible Decks. Comes with access to an on-line tutorial that both highlights what makes it special and creative suggestions for routines.

The invisible deck is a gimmicked deck of cards with nearly endless possibilities. It is also known as an imaginary deck, and to magicians, it is referred to as a utility deck.  The invisible deck does NOT require  sleight-of-hand. This means that the customized deck does virtually all the work for you allowing you to focus on your presentation style.   The Invisible deck is proabably the most successful gimmicked decks in the world of magic.  At Stevens Magic it is the number one seller.  However, we wanted to produce a Invisible Deck in a Jumbo Bicycle that operated slightly different then the standard but does so in a highly beneficial manner.

That is exactly what our expert card mechanic created.  Simply watch the video to see the unique differences between this deck and others.

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