In A Gilded Cage by Collectors’ Workshop – Estate – MINT Condition


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Another SCARCE article from Collector’s Workshop.  This unit is in MINT condition.  PRIMARY image is of ACTUAL article being offered.  Additional supplemental images are used with liscense permision from Andy Martin –  Unit has ONLY been opened ONCE for this photo.

Effect: A watch is borrowed and covered with a handkerchief and held by the spectator, whereupon it vanishes. Then this perfect wooden box is pulled from a bag that has been in full view all this time along with a key. The spectator opens the box and inside the box is a gold cage that fills the box. The cage is pulled out and their hanging in the center is the spectator’s watch and they open the door and retrieve it.

Review from Andy Martin:

This is a very clever and beautiful item that works perfectly. One of the best thought out items that the original Collector’s Workshop team released. The box is a beautifully polished wooden chest and then you see the brass bird cage – wow what a wonderful combination. It’s visual, stunning magic for closeup, parlor or stage.  Unlike some of the early CW pieces the routine is very well thought out and the vanish and appearance all work perfectly. This is definitely a highlight in my collection.

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