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1 Chapter I A Comparison: of the Indian conjurer with magicians of Europe, America, and China

2 Chapter II The Cup and Balls: brief explanation of the Indian Cups and Balls

3 Chapter III The Bamboo Sticks: general explanation of how the bamboo sticks work, also known today as the Chinese Sticks
4 The Ring on the Stick: a borrowed ring is placed on a wand or stick even though the ends are held by spectators

5 Chapter IV The Glass Box: a ball of wool instantly appears in see-thru box
6 The Bunder Boat: a small boat is filled with water, and water comes out of the mast only upon command

7 Chapter V The Bowl of Rice: a bowl filled only with rice can be picked up by a butter knife
8 The Coloured Sands: sand can be withdrawn from water either wet or dry, and in any of five colors asked for

9 Chapter VI A Rope Trick: Cut and Restored
10 The Swastika: an image drawn on a clay pot is crushed, but appears on the palm of the spectator
11 The Egg Bag: very brief description provided of the workings of the Egg Bag

12 Chapter VII The Dancing Duck: a wooden duck dances in the water
13 The Mango Tree Trick: possible explanations of how the Indian Conjurer would “grow” a small tree

14 Chapter VIII The Basket Trick: speculations on how an Indian boy vanishes in a too small basket

15 Chapter IX The Indian Rope Trick: speculations on the effect in which a rope is thrown in the air and stays; then a small boy climbs the rope and vanishes. Some reports have a sword thrust in the air in which body parts fall, which re-assemble into the boy, who walks away.

16 Chapter X Snakes and Crocodiles: several snakes and a small crocodile fall from an assistant’s outstretched hands!

17 Chapter XI Generalities and Other Myths: some discussion of “Jadoo”, or witchcraft performed on Indians

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