Indonesian Prediction Box – Indomagic Land (CL)

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This is a winner! You’re going to like it! We sure did. It’s so strong and can be repeated with a very, very brief intermission if desired. The methodology is ingenious and it will unquestionably be one of your treasured pieces for years to come…

The Indonesian Prediction Box – is a beautiful box constructed from hard wood, with a dark smoky stain. Upon lifting the lid a tray is seen which houses four numbered squared blocks (also made from wood).

Upon lifting the 2nd tray (which contains all the four blocks of wood) a clearly seen unknown but pre-committed prediction (in the form of a folded small piece of paper) rests on the bottom of the box.

The tray is then placed back inside the box and the magi turns his back and asks any spectator to simply remove any one of the four numbers, and hold it tightly in their hands for a period of 5 seconds. After which, the magi instructs them to return the block to the tray, and let the magi know when it’s okay to turn back around.

At this point the magi doesn’t have to touch anything, and asks another spectator to remove the top tray again and also remove the prediction, unfold it and read it aloud.

Sure enough – in doing so – it matches exactly the numbered block the spectator was previously holding in their hands.


  • No electronics
  • No Stooges
  • No cumbersome memory
  • No Mathematics

Just exceptionally powerful mind-blowing magic that is easy to perform allowing you to concentrate on your routine. Don’t miss this one – the waiting list has already begun!


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