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Donald Holmes (September 23, 1879 – December 30, 1958), born Donald Holmes Alsdorf in Albion, Michigan, was an amateur magician, inventor and dealer.  For lovers of magical apparatus he is most remembered for his chrome pieces that he made – most of which used liquid as part of the routine.  In that respect he really did have a sense of style and as such was ahead of his time.  Virtually not magic collection would be complete with a nice assortment of his pieces that done right would be polished to have a beautiful sheen.

Condition:  One polish away from “VERY GOOD.”      Dims:   10″ tall by 6″ wide   Note: Photos show both sides of the item being offerred.

Others remember him as a result of the publishing of books that he did, which of course included card effects but also mentalism as well.  That is something that most people didn’t know about him.

Biography: Holmes started in magic in the early 1880s and was a mail order dealer out of Texas before moving to Kansas City, Missouri. His house organs for his business were Holmes’ Trade Sheet (1916) (4 issues) followed by Holmes’ Magical Notes and Comments 1917- 1920 (39 issues).  He created the “Perfection Rising Cards” effect and marketed many of Billy Russell inventions.

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