Inexplicable by Steve Shufton – Estate – Primi

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Product Description

There is a SINGLE card in an UN-GIMMICKED envelope. She will deal cards FACE-UP from a NORMAL deck. She will stop WHENEVER she wants. Your prediction MATCHES! This will leave them stunned.

No Sleights

Single Envelope

Single Prediction Card

No Switches

Ordinary deck

Instant reset

A spectator is shown a small envelope, just large enough to accommodate a playing card. In fact, it contains a single playing card. This prediction is left in full view on the table (or in her hand). This is the final prediction. It will never be switched!

The spectator is handed a normal deck of playing cards to carefully examine. In fact, you can use ANY deck – nothing is added or taken away. She can see the deck is normal, well mixed, and there is truly nothing out of the ordinary – nothing to hide!

It is explained that you will not touch the cards again – as a matter of fact, if you would like, she can keep the deck – you will literally never touch the cards!

She is told to deal cards into a pile one by one, from the top of the deck, face-up onto the table (or another spectator’s hand if you would like). She is told to stop whenever she wants. It couldn’t possibly be more fair!

Eventually, she stops dealing on a particular card. It was a truly free choice!

With empty hands, and with no sleights of any kind, the envelope is opened. There is a single card within – the same card that has been there from the start. The envelope is shown to be otherwise empty – as it truly is. THE PREDICTION MATCHES HER CARD!

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