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Aces Front - The Magic Apple

Want a KILLER ending?  Purchase Infinity Wine. When finished performing Aces Front, take the glass used for Aces Front and pour water into it and the water visually changes to wine. 

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Infinity Wine - Refill

Do NOT purhcase this unless you already own Infinity Wine or are purchasing the full product concurrently with this refill.

Product Description

Consider Purchasing the Refill!  Looking for two powerful effects on their own but when combined with each other amp it up beyond belief?  Buy this with Aces Front – for a great segway! After you finish Aces Front say you worked up a thirst and transform water to wine!  Perfect finale.  See BOTTOM of product page! 

From Magic Dream and Peter Kamp. An incredibly powerful utility!  Think about adding this to a Bizarre Magick routine during a seance!  As powerful as just that one application is – there are many more applications limited to your imagination.  Gospel Magic for example!  Or just incorporating it into a standard magic show.   

We are happy to present you the first effect of Peter Kamp: Infinity Wine! Thanks to it, you will be able to perform one of the oldest magic tricks in the world, give the illusion of transforming water into wine, a real miracle! Indeed, thanks to the special glass and the accessories provided, you just need to pour water into the glass so that it instantly obtains a shade identical to that of a grand cru. You really have to see it to believe it! That’s not all, you can then drink the contents of the glass (or pour it into another container) and immediately pour in more water to transform it as if by magic!

The method is so powerful that you can change over 2 liters of water without needing to refill (However REFILLS are AVAILABLE – See Bottom of Page)!

Infinity Wine combines all the aspects that a magician asks of a trick: it is easy to do, the reset is immediate, the glass looks completely normal and can even be turned over on the table before achieving the effect, you can prepare it days or weeks in advance. Usable as well in close-up as in living room or stage, this ultra visual effect does not require technique, no manipulation, nor prior knowledge on the magic of liquids. The transformation speaks for itself.

An amazing turn if you are looking for ideas for new videos to present on your social networks. Why not film “pranks” (hidden cameras) with crazy reactions for your stories?

Powerful Points:

  • Each glass is specially rigged by hand by the creator. This is not a job that has been outsourced to people that have no knowledge of magic.
  • Very resistant glass made of Polycarbonate (European manufacture).
  • You receive enough product to transform approximately 30 liters of water (possibility to purchase consumable separately).
  • Immediate reset, change more than 2 liters of water with a single loaded glass.
  • Very easy to do.
  • Explanatory video in French and English with many presentation tips and tricks.
  • Perfect for close-up, living room and stage.
  • Perfect magic trick for filming hidden cameras or viral videos for your social networks.
  • Note: This is only an illusion, the water turns into burgundy red colored water and is drinkable. E129 food coloring, authorized in most countries of the world, information and use under your own responsibility.

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