Inflatable Jumbo Magic Wand to measure for Social Distance – 6 Foot


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There is no more recognizable image in magic than the wand. We don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. To this day that question remains one of the most emotionally charged issues in the art of magic.  But now magicians from every station in every nation can finally agree on the benefits of the 6 foot wand – as a tool for Comedy Social Distancing and the 8 foot wand as a source of protection.  That makes these six and eight foot wands ESSENTIAL for comedy acts, live performances (and CDC friendly venues, along with proponents of stand your ground for the 8 foot wand).  In fact, we have spoken to thousands of magicians that are being hired by producers of venues at a rate of 20 to 1 –  solely because they have the 6 foot socially distant magic wand to gauge the distance between people. One of the most famous magicians in the world – Eli Throckmorton claims he is earning 5x what he made before purchasing the 6 foot wand and in some cases they pay him EXTRA to hang around to monitor the other acts using this very valuable product.  “In those situations Fam, I don’t just take me 6 footer – I bring my massive 8 too ya SIC know!

I nos (SIC) longer schlep cases of magic and illusions either,  just a deck me cards and my 6 footer all I need. I produce da (SIC) deck and then inform me spectator (he ain’t no participant yet because is only spectating), to pick a card. Just as he starts movin toward me – I yell – WAIT! I then pull my deflated wand from me pants – pant’s pocket and ask if he’d like to blow in me wand.  I’s always get me a reaction to that, I blow it up and instead mumbling some crock, start using it as a barrier between myself and the spectator.  All d’while (SIC) taunting him – c’mon (SIC) Fam pick  a card – ANY CARD!

Despite their best me 6 footer away at all times.  Truthfully, I think i’ve created safest card trick dat ever exist. If things get boring I throw the spectator (wait if he catches it does it make him a spectator?) and then hand him my 6 footer for a little role reversal. All the while the spectator MUST maintain the necessary distance while I’m trying to pick a card … Possibilities are endless. Now if’n (SIC) you’re like me, you often get physically attacked by spectators.  Often due to their limited brain capacity to process the extend of me amazing skills as a magician.  When that happens I bring out me 8 footer blow up wand. Let me assure you of one thing – when you on that platform and you have a short-circuited someone’s mind with a killer effect – those extra two-feet can mean the difference between Life and Death!  I use the 6 footer for social distancing, and the 8 footer when things go south!

Each wand comes with a protective carrying bag to insure your wands are always looking their best. Limited only by your imagination, you are able to create fun and super-visual comedy routines.

NOTE: PREMIUM AIR – Available at an additional costs sold exclusively by 808 Marketing – Jonathan Todd

But Wait – There’s More! 96 Self Defence Techniques with the 8 Foot Inflatable Magic Wand Taught by Mr. Miyagi – please note $14.99 surcharge to convert medium from betacam to MP4.    Ya, we know your buying the 8 foot version but surely you can use some of the moves.

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