Infusion (Mayne) (DVD)

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Andrew Mayne, the creator of GHOSTBILLS and HYPERCARDS presents another incredible impromptu close-up illusion. Borrow a bill from a spectator, give it a tear, stab your finger through the center of the bill, violently rip it out and restore it right before their eyes. • Use any bill without any advance set-up • No switches or gimmicks • Spectators can inspect the bill before and after INFUSION teaches you the handling for the basic effect along with two variations including a lightning fast version. You also learn Andrew Mayne’s BLACK HOLES illusion where you cause your finger to warp space and travel across the universe on a sheet of paper. INFUSION – A complete penetration and mutilated bill routine HYPER INFUSION – A lightning fast version of the effect PUNCTURE – An impromptu clothing penetration BLACK HOLES – Travel interstellar distances with your finger! INFUSION is easy to learn and fun to perform! 18-minute DVD shot in Sony HD. Widescreen letterbox format.

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