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Ink hole is a twist on a magic visual effect only using something much more solid than a playing card – which makes it all the more impressive.

Sure you may have seen this performed on a playing card – but how bout a coin? Let say a circle is drawn on the head side of a Morgan (replica) coin with a Sharpie… Of course, this would leave the back side (tails) unchanged – right? The performer takes the Sharpie and first points it towards the circle pauses briefly and then pushes the Sharpie THROUGH the hole and the back side of the coin! Yes, he actually slowly penetrates the coin with the Sharpie! There was definitely a back side – until now. The back side is then shown freely! Naturally this evokes verbal astonishment from the spectators. Is it possible to draw a black circular hole with sharpie? No doubt about it – the pen penetrates the hole visually for all to see! It’s an unbelievable picture and an unbelievable experience for all to witness. As a finale – you can wipe the ink image away by hand thus restoring the coin to its original solid state. This brilliantly executed and well manufactured custom coin set allows you to perform this miracle. Performed with maximum impact slowly, and methodically!

In the video, JONIO-sensei is actually performing this at TMA in Taiwan. The video is completely uncut. Most the spectators in that audience are experienced in magic – that’s a valid point to consider knowing they can be a tougher audience for sure. Yet you can hear their cheers and gasps of amazement during the penetration. Jono’s presentation is perfect – it’s relaxed, slow, methodical… This makes an interesting argument that slow and steady can provide an incredible audience impact.

The DVD that comes with the product features step-by-step visual instructions that can be followed. The audio is in Japanese, however has ENGLISH SUBTITLES. It is a detailed explanation with visual frame-by-frame sequencing. JONIO has a good reputation for easy-to-understand explanations in addition to its solid technical capabilities. Even beginners will not be left behind.

Make this shocking penetration your own. This is an item that is priced and manufactured such that it will be special to the owner. It comes with the precision crafted gimmick coin, a DVD that features all you need to know.

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