Inner Secrets Of Professional Magic (Daniels) (DVD)

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As presented by Paul Daniels…includes The Classic Force!  Over the years, Paul Daniels’ unique handling of every trick has become his trademark.  Throughout his famous BBC TV shows, Paul took great card to develop and perform every trick in his own way, which invariably turned out to be a more baffling way. 

On this DVD, Paul reveals some of his favorite tricks.  You will enjoy Paul’s often un-conventional approach to magic, including the way he considers every nuance and detail of his routines.  Enjoy these professional secrets of magic!  Step-by-step, you can learn the following routines and effects – The Boomerang Rubberband, The Penetrating Rubberband, The Classic Force, The Sloppy Classic Force, Knot In The Rope, The Double Lift and many others.  Running Time:  55 minutes

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