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One of the best tricks ever produced by Supreme Magic. And, one of the best kids’routines ever! In these days of instant everything, from coffee to communication, why not Instant Art?

Explain that you sent away for the Instant Art Do It Yourself Art Course. And,here’s what you got: A Giant Envelope with a cutout in front, so you can see what’s inside.The envelope is brightly silk screened. A big, 11 x 15-inch black and white drawing, done on heavy card stock. A multi-color silk streamer.

Here’s what happens: Place the drawing in the envelope. It remains in full view, thanks to the cutout in the envelope. Explain that you will use the silk streamer to color the drawing! Wave the streamer in the air and it changes to solid black!! The colors are all gone! When you remove the drawing from the envelope, it has become completely colored! A real splash of colors! Instant Art is a great routine for kid’s shows, adult shows – all shows!

Beautifully printed. Complete with silk streamer. Please Note: This is not the Supreme Magic version but a later production.

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