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Highest Quality Latex Props Anywhere! 

You receive a special packet of cookies that looks identical to a real one. You will be able to perform very visual productions that are easy to do. You may produce a packet of cookies from a sheet of paper, a flash, paper bag, silk or from nowhere!


You can replace the packaging whenever you desire, because you will receive a special gimmick made of “latex flash”, our material that adapts to any cylindrical package and that can be used with other similar packages. You can combine the appearance of the package with the gimmicked cookies already available on the magic market. In some routines, you can produce a real cookie from the packet. Note: the cookies shown in the video are not included.

You will receive an appearing packet with the ” Latex Flash” gimmick incorporated into it, plus two holders (plastic and aluminum), a double-sided paper sheet with the image of the packet on one side and the vanished silhouette on the other side, and a paper bag. You will also receive a video link that explains all routines shown in the demo video, plus many other tips that will aid the handling.

That is to say, you will receive all that is necessary to perform many different routines. And in less than five minutes, you will be able to enjoy your magical production. A very commercial and fast effect, that will surprise and impress your audience.

Bon Apetit !!!

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