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This DVD set focuses on Intimate Magic, which as correctly stated below, represents by far the largest segment of performance in the art.  It is also probably the most “in demand” request we get with respect to mentalism – effects that can performed in close proximity.  Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti.

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Most mentalists perform for small groups of spectators made up of family and friends. On these DVDs, Richard Osterlind turns his attention to intimate, close-up mentalism with items perfect for those situations. Many use playing cards but there are some effects using other objects. . .or no objects at all!

Besides the complete contents of the wildly popular Dynamo Deck booklet, you’ll will also find a great Living and Dead routine, a fantastic new spoon bend, a close-up Q&A act, Richard’s fantastic ending for Impromptu Out of this World, a demonstration of Richard’s unique Contact Mind Reading, a great billet routine based on an idea by Syd Bergson and, for the first time on DVD, Richard performs and explains his Miracle Thought Projection!

And there’s more! The two DVDs contain a total of 21 mind-shattering effects that Richard actually uses in his close-up performances—every one a first-class, professional routine. Plus, you will learn all the great performing insights as Richard, along with co-host Jim Sisti, explains all of the details.


Never be caught unable to perform again. With the gems you’ll find on Intimate Impossibilities, you will always be ready to go –anywhere — and at any time!

Disc One

  • The Dynamo Deck – Construction
  • The Dynamo Deck – A Basic Effect
  • Think of a Card
  • Par-Optic Vision
  • The Dynamo Radar Deck
  • Friendly Attraction
  • Encore Card Stab
  • Dynamo Deck Clairvoyance
  • Card Calling / Close-Up Q&A
  • Miracle Thought Projection
  • Osterlind’s Out of This World

Disc Two

  • Mu-Wave Bergson Tear
  • Dynamo Mene-Tekel
  • Blindfolded Gilbreath
  • Out of the Room Selection
  • Controlling Three Selections
  • Another Spoon Bend
  • Magic vs. Mindreading Redux
  • Dynamo Book Test
  • My Dad’s Favorite
  • My First Card Trick
  • Contact Mind Reading

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