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This is for Red Backed Jumbo Deck.

Just like the Poker size Invisible Deck only JUMBO! Excellent for Stage and Parlor Venues!  Never make the mistake of using regular sized decks on stage! This is rule number one!  With Jumbo Cards however, you can performing powerful card effects on large stages!  We’ve sold Thousands of this Jumbo Invisible Deck over the years – for good reasons!

Probably one of the finest professional card effects that plays well for stand up audiences, parlor or close up! Without question this is our best selling card deck in our magic shop! No joke, and even more interesting we get repeat orders “over and over” from the same customers! You know an item is good when you keep coming back and ordering the same thing time and time again. We recently did a look at our top selling card effect and this was it! So, it’s time to put it out there again!

Effect: Performer PRETENDS to take an invisible deck of cards, shuffles them and presenting them to the spectator! Spectator is then told to cut the deck, and select a card removing it from the deck. Performer then takes the invisible deck and turns it face up, asking the spectator to return his chosen card to the deck, face down, and remember his card. Performer returns the invisible deck to its case and his pocket. He then asks the spectator to name his card. The performer then takes a visible deck from his pocket and removes the deck from its case. Next, he spreads he cards face up on the table, finding only “one” card in the deck that is “face down.” When he turns that card face up, the spectator is amazed to find that it is the card he/she selected!
Amazing and highly entertaining! It is a classic for sure.

An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to do a multitude of miracles – yet is EASY TO DO.

Color Preference Available, subject to inventory – choose Red or Blue, we’ll do our best to match it up for you!

Important Update: Effective June 1st, 2013 there is a new style of Bicycle Jumbo Decks.  Like the older models they are 7″ tall and 4 1/2 wide.  The difference is the new style is much thinner (see images), and therefore lighter weight and easier to handle.  Also the new style has more “rounded corners.”  SME Opinion: We don’t see any problems with the new style, other then psychological for the magician… But remember, who are we performing for?   None-the-less we did want to let you know about it, as if you are familiar with the previous model you will notice a difference.  Give them a try! Sometimes change is a good thing!

Photo Two: New Style is on the right side of image.  Photo Three: New style is the left side. Photo Four: New style is on the right size.  This SKU represents the BLUE Backed deck, red photos are for illustration purposes only.



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  1. BrandonKirkNewsom (verified owner)

    Great Quality of Cards and always makes an impression. b

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