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This is one of those things you will have a lot of fun with! 

Invisible Ice Cubes Great for close-up or parlor! Imagine, if you can, a bowl of regular water with nothing in it. Performer reaches in and produces a handful of large ice cubes! You have to see it to believe it! I did and was shocked.

My wife, Martha, looked at me as though I was crazy when I asked her to reach into the bowl and hand me some ice cube! She said, “There were NO ice cubes in the bowl!” Then I reached into the bowl, and to her disbelief, pulled out a hand full of ice cubes!

  • Invisible Ice Cubes are reusable (see disclaimer below).
  • You cannot see them in the water. The alternative images used are not doctored at all!
  • You receive plenty of the secret ingredient to make a very generous number of the Invisible Ice Cubes!  Enough to create many more at a later time, plus the ability to use the ones you have created for a good while too!

It is a stronger impact if you use a glass and translucent bowl so spectators can see from a distance that there are NO ice cubes in the bowl. The ice cubes are the large size cubes (not little ones). No, the magical ice cubes are not eatable! They are for professional entertainment only! This item is considered an accessory like, silks, sponge balls, mouth coils, flash paper, etc (all available at Stevens Magic). A lot of fun for a small price!

“I have never seen anything like this!” — Joe Stevens

Stevens Magic is Your Advocate!  Notes, clarifications and disclaimers.  It is true that these ice cubes can be re-used – several times after you initiate the raw material which metamorphises into realistic ice cubes.  The raw material, will remain for many years.  However, once you transition the raw material pellets into the exceptionally realistic looking ice cubes, those ice cubes do have a shorter shelf live.   In our “in-house” testing at Stevens Magic, we were able to re-use the same cubes for over week. In fact the cubes shown on this video where the same ones Joe used to fool Martha and we used many times in our retail shop prior to the video on this page. The point is to clarify the above feature that they can be re-used, while at the same time, letting you know that once you initiate the metamorphosis from the raw pellet(s) to the ice cube, the ice cubes have a shelf life of approx. 7-10 days (as long as they remain in clean water). The most IMPORTANT point is you get a very liberal amount of this product, enough to create several new cubes for later, but also informing you that you can maximize your value by the ability to reuse the cubes your crated. In the end – for the money you get a lot of value.

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