Invisible Thread – Max Strength – Viktor Voitko


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If there is one person that understands the nuances and works of thread – it would be FISM award winner Viktor Voitko. A performer that also understands well what all the various ingredients required to make magic truly memorable is. Viktor is a full-time working professional that has traveled the world over and again and then 10 times at least more. One of his greatest signature effects is his poetic floating linking rings. When it comes to thread authorities there are a hand-full of authorities but any and all of them would agree Viktor is in that most exclusive club.

This is Viktor’s Professional Stage Invisible Thread for Zombie ball, Flying Linking Rings, Floating Rose and for every stage levitation effects. These thread is Very Strong and is the thread Viktor Voitko uses for his professional performances all over the world.

The SET includes:
The Stage’s Invisible Thread – 1

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