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No one can question the marriage between “magic and technology” which has existed for years and will continue to do so. Whenever technology advances magic is not far behind, and with effects such as these, they are incorporated in such a manner then removes completely any suspicions that the unit is actually performing the mind bending magic. That’s the perfect marriage of technolgy and magic!

Effect 1:
The magician shuffles a deck of cards, spreads them face up on a table to show that they are all different, and then turns them face down. He asks an audience member to choose a card, and to seal it inside an envelope. The magician turns his back while the card is selected. At the end of the card selection, he asks the audience member to put the envelope with the card in a pocket.

The magician faces the audience and asks “Do you think I can guess the card selected? You are right…I can’t…But I have a friend you may know, called David Blaine he might be able to help me”. The magician takes his phone (a modern iPhone 4G) and calls David Blaine, but he seems to be busy at this moment. The magician says “Ok, no problem, take the phone…you will be the one to call him later”, and puts the iPhone in the spectator’s pocket.

Then the magician says…”Hold on, I will try to guess the card, I might be lucky”. Finally the magician is able to name the selected card by himself.

Effect 2: An audience member chooses a card and places it inside his own wallet. The magician is able to name the selected card in a few seconds.

Important points:
• The magician does not need to touch the cards.
• Many miracles can be get with the gimmick.
• The method is original, clean, and all props look completely innocent.
• No forces are necessary.
• It is great for close up, walk around, stage and impromptu magic.
• Cutting edge electronics make this very easy to do, allowing you to concentrate on the presentation.

Note: Price does NOT include shipping.  Important: The receiver does “not” come with the pen as shown in the video. It just shows “how” the reciever “could” be hidden if so desired.

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